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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anouncement: I’ve been interviewed

This isn’t really much of a blogpost. As I said, I’m in NYC this week, busy dividing my time between my 92-year-old mom, whom I only get to see twice a year, and showing my boyfriend the city where I was born and where he’s never been. That doesn’t leave me much time.
Michele~n~Lisa reviews (until yesterday Michele~n~Jeff) has obligingly filled in the gap by posting an interview with me. You might learn more about me there than on this blog, at least in a single posting – for example, what you’re likely to find under my bed.
Along with the interview you’ll find very positive reviews of 2 of my novels: 5 kisses for The Memoirs of Colonel Gérard Vreilhac, which I blogged on a few days ago (click on the label “about my books”) and 5+ kisses for P’tit Cadeau, which the reviewer calls “a story that will survive the test of time” and I’ll blog about in the near future.
Stay tuned for my New York adventures.

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